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Legal Fees

Lowest Injury Legal Fee

We offer this low 1/5 fee only for fellow motorcycle riders. Our firm does not advertise on television, radio, or billboards. We have a beautiful metro Atlanta law office. However, our medical team is headquartered in North Carolina. Nagle & Associates is also a statewide North Carolina motor vehicle accident law practice. We rely on the resources of our established seven-office NC law practice to provide Georgia motorcycle riders the lowest legal fee available. Our business expenses are low in Georgia, but we stand ready to try your case before a jury in YOUR home county if we cannot secure a fair settlement that you accept. By researching medical issues and developing the medical file in North Carolina, we minimize our firm's business expenses in Georgia.

Our legal fee is higher in litigation. If a suit must be filed and your case has to be filed and litigated, our fee is 33%. Most firms charge 40% in litigation. Thus, our legal fee for your motorcycle accident trial is still lower than most firms'. Most cases settle, so you should not be concerned about having to conduct a jury trial to collect fair payment from the other side. We only file suit on YOUR instructions, and our goal is always to settle the case without court involvement. Expect a generous settlement with a 20% legal fee.